SELEMIX® Colour Picker

SELEMIX® Colour Picker is your quick and convenient colour matching device that fits in your pocket. Compact, light and easy to use, Selemix Colour Picker is a wireless colour matching tool which is ideal for reading the solid colour of virtually any object or surface.

Simply take a scan of the item and the Selemix Colour Picker will instantly identify the nearest Selemix solid colour and conveniently display the details on your smart device via the Colour Pin App


  • Scans the surface and identifies the closest colour code
  • Builds on a database with 3,500 colours, aligned with the Selemix Colour Tics Box.
  • Simple visualisation on the smartphone.          
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices 
  • Quick and easy Bluetooth Connectivity. 

The Selemix Colour Picker is perfect for use in-field, in-store or anywhere else – you can then just slip it back into your pocket for next time!

Set up your Colour Picker

Step 1Download the Colourpin App
to your smartphone & ensure
your Bluetooth is turned ON.

Step 2Sign into Colourpin & scan the
QR code with the app, or manually
enter code 2X4MQ.

Step 3Connect your SELEMIX® device
to the Colourpin App.

Step 4Calibrate your device using
the colour sensor.

Step 5Follow the on-screen
instructions & scan your colour!